It’s Liebster Time!

Say what? That’s what we thought too! We hadn’t heard of the Liebster Award until we were graciously nominated for one by The Crafty Mommy. A bit of research revealed that this honor was more of a good deed than an actual award, which was just fine by us. With the goal of highlighting newish blogs and helping them gain exposure while connecting with and supporting other bloggers, this was an opportunity we knew we couldn’t pass up. Someone does something nice for you, you do something nice for another and hopefully the message keeps going and going. Plus, we thought it might be time you all learn a bit more about us.


1. Post 11 random facts about yourself. 2. Answer the questions the nominator has come up with for you. 3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you decide to nominate. 4. Choose 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate, link to them in your post and keep spreading the good news.


1. For our first date Brian invited himself over to Jen’s place so he could learn how to make pie. FYI: We did actually make pie. It was a classic apple with a secret ingredient in the crust—duck fat! 2. Brian’s family owns a farm house upstate in the Catskills. Their friend, Bill, runs a small dairy operation on the property. 3. Brian threw Jen a surprise party at an ice cream shop for her 30th birthday. 4. For Brian’s 30th birthday, Jen surprised him with a tower of It’s-It ice cream sandwiches at his party (a special treat from San Francisco). We both really like ice cream!  5. We successfully roasted a full pig at the farm last summer. Stay tuned for the how-to! 6. We both have curly hair, but one of us uses a flat iron every day. You can guess who! 7. One of us has a nut allergy, the other can’t imagine a world without Nutella. 8. Our specialty that we always serve house guests: stuffed french toast. 9. One of us has over 100 pairs of shoes, the other has less than 10. 10. The two subjects that take up the most real estate in our bookshelves are cooking and animal identification. 11. We both work in the food world, but we do completely different things.


1. What is your favorite thing to read (magazine, blog, book, etc.)? Jen: I’m an editor at a national magazine so I’m a bit biased. I can’t get enough of my monthlies! I’ve had up to 20 subscriptions at a time but my current favorites include: New York Magazine, Cook’s Illustrated and HGTV MagazineBrian: The Slate app makes my subway commute go quickly!

2. What’s your best talent? Jen: I think I’m really good at picking gifts out for other people. Brian: Spotting birds and other wildlife.

3. What is your favorite thing to eat? Jen: Anything chocolate! Brian: Pizza. Or is it bacon or Chinese food? Oh, ice cream too. One of those!

4. Why did you start your blog? We both love to get our hands dirty in the kitchen and while we’re at the farm. When we moved in together, we started taking on house projects too. Luckily, we received a lot of compliments (and questions) from friends. Instead of sending out individual emails with recipes, crafty how-tos and more when requested, we figured we’d put all of our ideas in one place. 

5. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Jen: You never know what’s going to happen, so all you can do is try. (Thanks, Mom!) Brian: Make today count. (I picked that up from my dog, Teddy.)

6. What’s your favorite movie? Jen: I’m going to be sappy and go with a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks classic: You’ve Got Mail. Brian: I need some explosions and one-liners to keep me awake.

7. What one person would you like to meet (dead or alive)? Jen: I’d love to have afternoon tea with my great-grandmother who I never had the chance to meet. Brian: Bill Clinton. Duh!

8. What is your favorite thing you’ve made? Jen: I’m really proud of our wall unit made from vintage wooden crates. Brian: Table #1, which I made in elementary school.

9. What was your all-time favorite Halloween costume? Jen: When I was 8 I wanted to be a bunny. My creative mom took the costume a step further for me and made me a rabbit jumping out of a magician’s hat. Brian: A Ghost Busters costume my mom made for me.

10. Who do you live with? We live together! 

11. What is your most prized possession? Jen: LaMutt—a stuffed dog that I have loved since I was a toddler. Brian: Table #4, I made it in college and our home will always have a spot for it.

THE AWESOME BLOGS WE’RE NOMINATING (a few may have over 200 followers, but we still think they deserve a bit more attention):

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4. The Missing Ingredient: Notes from the Streets of Southeast Asia

5. The Project Board

6. Dinner of Herbs

7. Daddy Views

8. A Small Insight

9. Nimble Fingers

10. For the Love of Bitters

11. Copper and Wood


1. What’s your favorite gadget (kitchen, electronic or other)?  2. What’s your favorite season? 3. Are there any foods you won’t eat? 4. For breakfast today I ate… 5. A place I’d like to visit is… 6. What’s your biggest pet peeve? 7. Do you send thank you notes after receiving a gift? 8. Chocolate or vanilla? 9. When was the last time you worked out? 10. I can’t wait to do this when summer rolls around… 11. Beach or mountains?

Thanks again to The Crafty Mommy for nominating us. Please be sure to check out her blog, too!

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