Grilled Cheese Jam Session

I’ll admit that we’re a little behind with the grocery shopping. After being away and working a few late nights this past week, our poor fridge is looking pretty empty. But there are two things we always have on hand: bread and cheese. To amp up our go-to grilled cheese meal we added a sweet layer of blueberry jam. Sure, it’s an unlikely pair, but the subtle sweetness of the jam was a nice contrast to the bite of the sharp cheddar. Delicious!

Jam-Stuffed Grilled Cheese by

Jam-Stuffed Grilled Cheese by

Jam-Stuffed Grilled Cheese

Makes as many as you want. It’s grilled cheese, you know the drill. Two pieces of bread per sandwich, then fill to your desired gooiness.

1. Heat a skillet over medium.

2. Meanwhile, slice the bread into 1/4-inch thick pieces. Add a thin layer of butter to all sides.

3. Heat the bread until warm and butter is melted, then flip to other side. Top one heated slice with three-quarters of the grated cheese (the warm bread will help it melt faster). Top the other slice with a thin layer of jam and the remaining cheese. Allow to cook until cheese is just starting to melt, then put the slices together to form a sandwich. Allow to cook until bread is browned and cheese is gooey.

SWWU Tip: Play around with different selections of jams and cheeses. We’re big fans of the blueberry/goat cheese combo, the raspberry/Jarlsberg mashup and more. Mix and match and have fun!

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