Got Time To Make A Clock?

Brian and I have been on the hunt for a colorful kitchen clock for quite some time. Nothing we found was quite right though. They either had visible power cords, made too much noise or just didn’t fit in aesthetically. Finally we decided to stop looking for the perfect clock and just make our own!

Dessert Pan Clock by

Dessert Pan Clock by

Once we had all the pieces in place the clock came together a lot easier than we expected. It’s made from an old Duncan Hines dessert pan that I picked up at an antique store for only $2. A quick coat of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch paint (in Sun Yellow) transformed the tattered pan into a bright, cheerful piece. A Clock Movement Kit provided the working parts we needed. The arms got a coat of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch paint (in Deep Blue) to provide some contrast. We drilled a hold in the center of the pan and followed the instructions that came with the clock kit to assemble everything. We’re both quite pleased with the finished product and can’t wait to find something else to turn into a clock in another room. After all, it doesn’t take that much time.

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SWWU Tip: Like the dessert pan we used? I just did a quick search on Etsy and eBay and found a few, ranging from $6 to $20 each. Try searching for the term “Ekco Bakers Secret Duncan Hines,” and see what you can find.

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