Spin the Bottle (or Jar, or Vase)

Flowers are everywhere this time of year and I can’t help but pick up a bunch while at the farmers’ market or even after just passing by a colorful corner display. I have quite a few vases at home to help show off these beautiful blooms, but every once in a while I want to arrange the stems in a unique way. A few weeks ago I got a little crafty and made the display below. All I needed was an old bottle, some jute twine, ribbon and a bit of glue. Not bad for a simple afternoon project!

Jute-Wrapped Vase by somethingwewhippedup.com

Jute-Wrapped Vase by somethingwewhippedup.com

Jute-Wrapped Vase

  • bottle (a jar, vase or other glass object would work well too)
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • clear-drying glue (like Gem-Tac)
  • small brush
  • jute twine

1. Wash and dry the bottle you wish to use. Measure and cut two pieces of ribbon that are each about 6 inches longer than the side of your vase. Use the glue to affix them to the bottom of the vase so they’ll be secure (see slideshow below). I chose to weave one ribbon up each side, with the front and rear ribbons being slightly off-center. You can place as many ribbons as you like, in whichever position you like.

2. Once your ribbon is secured, use the brush to coat the bottom inch of all sides of the bottle with a thin, even coat of glue. Starting at the very bottom of one side, begin to slowly wrap the jute twine around the bottle, covering the ribbon and making sure to keep each line very straight and very close to the previous line (see slideshow below). Once you have a few lines of twine wrapped, extend your ribbon out so it is away from the bottle, then add more glue and continue to wrap the twine. After adding a few lines, return the ribbon to the side of the vase, add more glue, and wrap the twine on top of it again. This will create a weave design. Continue up the entire bottle, weaving the ribbon in and out as you see fit.

3. Once you near the top of your bottle, trim the ribbons and glue the ends down so they stays secure (see slideshow below). Continue wrapping the twine up the entire bottle to cover the ribbon ends and finish off the look. Let dry for 24 hours before using as a vase.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SWWU Tip 1: Don’t worry about buying a new bottle for this project. The vase above was created with an empty Knob Creek bottle.

SWWU Tip 2: I rested my bottle on a pair of chopsticks placed 3 inches apart while working on this project. They helped keep the bottle elevated above the work surface so excess glue dripping down didn’t cause my project to get stuck to the table I was working on.

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