Branching Out

Brian’s family farmhouse is a wonderful refuge from the busy city. Located about 150 miles northwest of NYC, this retreat in the Catskills has already been the site for many wonderful memories for us. Trips to the farm always revolve around good people, great food and fun (well, mostly fun) projects.

The farm at dawn by

The farm at sunrise by

The property has acres and acres of trees, including a crab apple and pear tree near the house. Unfortunately, none of them produce anything you would want to eat. Brian and I decided to change this, and early this year he began doing some research on what types of trees might be able to survive in the harsh climate. He came across St. Lawrence Nurseries, a place that specializes in tress and plants for northern climates. We decided we had nothing to lose by trying and purchased five trees: four apple (Jenner Sweet, Golden Russet, Honeycrisp and Red Baron) and one pear (Ure). We placed the order in March and the trees were sent to us when it would be an appropriate time to plant them. With any luck we could have fruit in just three to five years. Fingers crossed! Take a look at the slideshow below to see how it all came together.

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