Feeding Time

Brian and I recently adopted two cats, Templeton and Gimlet. The now year-old-brothers have been a great addition to our home. When preparing for them to arrive, I was overwhelmed with the items they needed to be comfortable in our home. Not the volume of things, but the tackiness of them. Sure, I get that toys should be colorful and interesting so they can stimulate active kitties. But why does a food bowl need to be fish-shaped and say the word “meow” all over it? This just wouldn’t do.

I started out looking for antique dishes. Surely kitties of the past were more distinguished, right? Unhappy with what was available, I broadened my search criteria. I knew that I wanted a bowl for each cat and a place for water—all matching. After typing “three dish dispenser” into eBay’s search bar I discovered a vintage condiment caddy. The intended use of this piece is to serve up relishes and other condiments on a buffet table, but I thought this could be the perfect solution for us. I started searching around online saw that some had four or five bowls, but most contained three in a simple yet attractive design. I liked that it would keep the bowls confined to one area, sort of like a feeding station for the felines. I finally settled on the one you see below.

With shipping, this condiment caddy was less than $20. The cats seem to appreciate that their food is raised off the floor and each bowl holds just enough for our furry friends. The bowls can be individually removed for easy cleaning, too. I was worried about the whole tower tipping over, but it’s much sturdier than I expected and that hasn’t been an issue at all. The cats seem happy with our choice and I’m glad that we didn’t have to compromise our style.

SWWU Tip: You can look for a vintage condiment caddy anywhere you might find antique goods: garage sales, salvage yards, antique stores and on websites like Etsy and eBay

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