The Long Goodbye

Saying goodbye can be a pretty difficult thing to do. Especially when the people you’re sending off are starting a new life on the other side of the country. Good friends of ours recently did just this and I think we’re both still recovering. Sure we were there for several farewell dinners and parties, and we were there to help out the day they left, but there’s noting that feels as final as watching a moving van pull away, carrying your friends, all of their possessions and their adorable dog.

Saying Goodbye by

Saying Goodbye by

I scratched my head for quite some time trying to come up with a gift to help send our friends off. In the end, it wasn’t one gift they received, but several, all individually wrapped.   The gifts were all wrapped in subway maps, a final nod to the life they were leaving behind in New York City. Each had a tag with a number attached to it and we gave our friends instructions as to when they should open each package during their five-day journey. First up: a road atlas (in case they didn’t have a great connection with their GPS service at some point).

The Long Goodbye by

The Long Goodbye by

I won’t share the details of every gift because they probably only make sense to our friends, but I do think adding some silly car games like Mad Libs (who knew those still existed?), yummy snacks, a toy for the dog and some home maintenance books to brush up on was a good bet for this type of journey. When they reached their destination they unwrapped their last gift, a bottle of bubbly (with some cups) so they could toast their arrival in their new home sweet home.

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