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It wasn’t too long ago that Brian and I were having one of those lovely Brooklyn days that reminds you of why you live here. We started off at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, walked through Prospect Park and then zigzagged our way though the streets of Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill. Near the end of our journey we stumbled upon a small antique sore that was curated much better than most, Brownstone Treasures. A lot of things caught our eye, but we picked up two distressed metal bins, knowing that we would do something with them (though we weren’t sure what).

Utensil Caddy made from an antique metal bin by

Utensil Caddy made from an antique metal bin by

One ended up being a great place to stash some magazines, while the other went to work in the kitchen. I filled it with six Ball jars, just enough to separate out all of our utensils. It’s a great help when we have dinner parties and need to carry a bunch of silverware to the dining table—we just pick the whole thing up and go. It also works well when we’re entertaining dinner guests in the courtyard—once again, we just pick up the whole thing and go. My favorite benefit has turned out to be that I can grab a spoon or fork without having to open up a drawer and possibly dirty a handle while I’m cooking. Everything is right at my fingertips, just the way I like it.

If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely check out this spot and see what kind of goodies you can find for your own home.


Brownstone Treasures

200 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231


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Gentleman-Chic Accessories

Two years ago I was on the hunt for some dude-friendly Christmas stockings. The classic monogrammed, fur-trimmed and velvet options really aren’t our thing, so I was delighted when I came across stylish options from Smokin’ Tweed. The owner of this awesome Etsy shop repurposes vintage clothing into handsome home accessories. The stockings I scored (of course I couldn’t stop at just one) received lots of compliments, so when we were in the market for some new pillow covers, I knew just where to turn.

Gentleman-Chic Accessories by Smokin' Tweed on

Gentleman-Chic Accessories by Smokin’ Tweed on

Made from an old suit jacket, the beautifully crafted pillows actually feature working pockets! Perhaps not the best place to store your snacks, but definitely a good hiding spot for love notes. Visit the shop often as there is always a clever new item to covet.


Smokin’ Tweed

SWWU Tip: Looking for something a bit less masculine? Check out the site’s sister shop, Emma Dear for lots of lace-adorned feminine picks. 

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You’ll Never Guess What’s Hiding In Here…

Cleaning supplies, pet food, yummy snacks—our friends could never guess what’s hiding inside the antique dairy boxes pictured below. And that’s just the way we like it!

Antique Dairy Box Storage by

Antique Dairy Box Storage by

We picked up one on a trip to Maine earlier this year and used it as a place to store excess beer and soda we didn’t have room for in the fridge. It was an attractive addition to our kitchen and we liked being able to discretely stash some things right where we need them. But one box couldn’t hold everything we wanted, so we’ve been on the hunt for another.

A peek inside the vintage dairy box storage by

A peek inside the antique dairy box storage by

We stopped by one of our favorite antique shops, Hodge Podge, on our way to a weekend at the farm in the Catskills. And wouldn’t you know it, they had one sitting right outside the front door!

Hodge Podge is full of other goodies too. We acquired quite a few of the antique wooden crates we used to make our wall unit there. I’ve also scored an iron desk lamp and several serving pieces, and Brian has added a few new gardening tools to his collection thanks to the always-changing inventory. In addition to a tightly packed store, there is an outdoor area that has everything from old road signs to awesome mid-century modern patio furniture that just needs a little love. Definitely stop by this place if you’re in the area.


Hodge Podge

1103 Main Street, Leeds, NY 12451


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