A Polished Look

Brian and I came across some adorable insect-shaped hooks while wandering from store to store one weekend and thought they would be a cute way to display aprons on the back of our kitchen door. They’re made of iron and have a nice distressed look. Unfortunately, the shop we purchased them from didn’t have screws to match. Instead of stressing, I headed straight to my nail polish collection. A quick coat of brown polish helped an ordinary silver screw blend in perfectly. Nailed it!

SWWU Tip 1: Apply the polish after you’ve screwed your object to the wall so you can avoid chipping the paint.

SWWU Tip 2: We used Givenchy Vernis Please! Nail Lacquer (in Delicate Brown), but that’s just because we had it on hand. Most drug stores have inexpensive picks for as little as $1 a bottle and you don’t need anything fancier than that for this task.

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